Get closer to the Artist

Our art gallery was designed expressly to exhibit works of art and is a unique modern space: the only one of its kind in the Clare Valley. We have received much kudos for the space with its modern design and challenging décor from the many artists who visit and exhibit. Indeed, we are booked out until the end of 2012.

Exhibitions turn over every five weeks. Often we have  artists in different media exhibiting at the same time. Established and emerging artists are shown – local, regional and Adelaide based and we are drawing local, interstate and overseas tourists to view them.

We named the Gallery after the Scarlattis—father and son, musicians. Allesandro Scarlatti (1660–1725) is credited with founding the Neapolitan school of opera and the Italian overture/sinfonia. Both forms were to influence subsequent developments of operatic and symphonic forms.Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757), Allesandro’s son, is famous for developing the sonata form for the harpsichord and keyboard techniques which greatly influenced subsequent keyboard forms.

For artists wanting to exhibit please contact Jeni Surmon:
Telephone: (08) 8842 1250


'We're like no other'