Cellar Door

For an alternative cellar door experience, Mt Surmon Wines provides a unique combination not found anywhere else in the Clare Valley: 

  • stunning vistas, undoubtly the greatest vista in North Clare
  • environmentally appropriate landscaping
  • a large terrace on which to sit to take it all in
  • a cellar door which is also an art gallery with monthly exhibitions by professional and emerging artists
  • an opportunity to engage with Jeni or Burt to discuss you wine requirements.

By definition a wine produced by a small winery and vineyard is unique to that winery/vineyard. A visit to the cellar door of that small winery will nearly always result in your being able to discuss the wines and the vineyard with the owner or winemaker or grape grower. This will be an enjoyable, romantic, elucidating experience.

Dare to be different. Forget the expensive glossies and wine writers. Educate your palate by visiting a small winery to discuss what you like with the owner operator. This way you will come across unknown gems, hidden up country lanes and offering a wealth of experience. You’ll return home to the barbie with a stock of great stories as you tell your mates about youradventures in small wineries in the romantic Clare Valley

This learning style is easy, enjoyable, friendly and down to earth. Scientists call if field research. We call it the romance of the boutique winery.


'On a Clare Day' by Burt Surmon

The green and lovely Clare Valley is one of Australia's finest wine regions. A fortnight's holiday among the vines convinces social planner Burt Surmon and his new wife Jeni to make a life-changing decision. They will quit the city grind to grow grapes, make wine, open a cellar door, art gallery and function centre ...

Forever optimistic, but largely ignorant of farming, Burt and Jeni begin a life of hard yakka. There are so many lessons to be learnt. Marketing, soil types, grape slections, occupational health and safely. And just how to wrangle those stray pigs and deer from the vines.

'On a Clare Day'  written by Burt Surmon is the story of two wines lovers riding wine's boom and bust. Their tale is seasoned with mouthwatering recipes, fusing peasant-style French and Italian with Middle Eastern and Asian cooking.

Available at

Mt Surmon Wines Cellar Door, Clare

Clare Valley Food, Wine & Tourism Centre, Clare

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