The vineyard

Mt Surmon Vineyard overlooks northern Clare Valley from a 400 metre hillside. ?Plantings of 20 acres commenced in October 1995. A further 20 acres were planted in October 1997 with 10 acres planted in October 2000. Grape varieties consist of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, nebbiolo, pinot gris and viognier.

The climate is classified as Mediterranean with a very cold and wet winter, frosty but mild spring and hot, usually dry, summer. Annual average rainfall for Clare township is 632 mm.

Soils are free draining sandy clay loam over red brown clay. A vertical shoot positioning trellis system is used with 3 metre rows and 2 metres between vines. A drip irrigation system is used to nurture young vines and as indicated for the older vines by the gypsum block monitoring system.

The Vineyard slopes have an easterly aspect benefiting from morning to midday sun but missing the very hot summer late afternoon direct heat. Hence the fruit ripens easily. Mt Surmon Wines are made on the vine and display the benefit of this beneficent terroir. The Mt Surmon range of wines was introduced in February 2001 along with the opening of the cellar door. Currently wines are available only through the cellar door and by web order.

'We're like no other'

Environmental sustainability in practice. We are mulching our Dudley Cabernet Sauvignon block with wheaten hay. This is to reduce soil moisture evaporation, to encourage earth worm activity and regenerating the soil structure and micobiology. Come and have a look for yourselves.